The Astro Crypto Report

Crypto Damus is widely recognized as the leading financial astrologer for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets.

In the summer of 2017 he launched the Bitcoin Astro Technical analysis (TA) project and accurately called the massive December 2017 rally for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Buoyed by early success he started a monthly newsletter to forecast Bitcoin price trends in the fall of 2017 and with continued success he launched a paid subscription report in January 2019, followed by a Patreon Financial Astrology group in February 2020. He accurately predicted the massive May - June 2019 Bitcoin rally as well as the Fall 2019 sell-off 6 months in advance, and has continued to accurately call major rallies and sell-offs throughout 2020 and into 2021. His alt-Coin pick Chainlink (#LINK) was one of the best performing Cryptocurrencies in 2020 with a 700% ROI.

Most recently he called the late July 2021 BTC bottom and forecast a big October 2021 rally months in advance. His August 2021 alt-coin recommendation CRV (Curve Dao Token) has been one of the best performing alt-coins of Quarter 4 2021.

Crypto Damus currently has over 20,000 followers on Twitter and regularly posts general astrology and financial astrology posts.

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The Astro Crypto Report fuses astrological insights from the Bitcoin natal chart with financial technical analysis to provide 
	highly accurate price predictions for Bitcoin and other alt coin cryptocurrency markets

2019 Astrological Bitcoin price correlations

Crypto Damus Patreon

Crypto Damus gives a weekly Bitcoin forecast and trading plan, offers livestream Videos and includes his full subscription reports on his Patreon site. His Patreon group offers 4 levels of paid content for Cryptocurrency traders and astrologers:

$10 Level gets 2-3x weekly written updates and technical analysis for markets and Bitcoin

$15 Level gets written updates AND Livestream and recorded Video content

$25 Level gets all of the above as well as the 2x month Bitcoin forecast reports

$150 Level Is all inclusive and also includes a 1x month private tutorial session to learn his unique astrological technical analysis system for Bitcoin

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Astro TA Email Subscription BTC Forecast Report -- Now on Substack

Crypto Damus started the astrology forecast report for Bitcoin in November of 2017 and began paid subscriptions in January 2019. To our knowledge his is the longest running and most accurate financial astrology report dedicated to Bitcoin price trends. Subscriptions include an in-depth, highly detailed monthly forecast at the beginning of the month and short mid-month update delivered directly to your email inbox. The monthly report is also available on Patreon at the $25 and $100 Patreon supporter levels.

Monthly Subscription

$15 / month

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  • 2 reports full of insights
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Astro Crypto Guru by the Numbers

As of November 2022


% Accurate Rally Calls


% Accurate Sell-Off Calls


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Years Experience as an Astrologer

Astrology Workshops and Courses

Introduction To Financial Astrology For Crypto Traders & Investors Video Workshop


  • 3.5 hour video workshop recording
  • 2 PDF Study Guides
  • The workshop covers basic meanings for planets, signs, houses and aspects in the context of financial astrology, and looks at example charts of BTC, ETH and LINK. This class will help you better understand my Astro TA system, the content in my reports and Patreon.

Predicting The Future: Using Transits and Progressions In Financial Astrology - Video Workshop


  • 3.5 hour video workshop
  • PDF Study Guide
  • Using transits and progressions can in some cases help us predict overall trends in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and are a helpful addition to technical analysis. This 3.5 hour workshop will look at past, present and future transits and progressions in the Bitcoin and Ethereum natal charts to give us a road map of the where we have come from and where we are going. *Some Basic chart natal astrology required to take this class.

Introduction to Astrology Course Series for Beginners


  • Our Full Introduction to Astrology Course Series
  • Includes 5 PDFs and 3, 90-minute Tutorial Videos
  • This full course package includes explanations and explorations of the archetypal themes of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects and a detailed Introduction to Chart Interpretation. It’s perfect for beginners and some intermediate level astrologers who want to improve and deepen their skills.

Introduction To Natal Chart Analysis Video Workshop


  • This 3.5hr video workshop is an introduction to how to read and approach natal chart interpretation and analysis, with some financial astrology application.
  • *Basic understanding of Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects is a prerequisite for this class.

Consultations and Tutorials

Crypto Damus has been doing personal astrology consults for over a decade. Personal consults are done via Zoom. All prices USD

General Natal Chart Consultation

$250 for 1.5 hour with forecast

Financial/Trading Focused Natal Chart Consult

$300 for 1.5 hour with forecast

Articles, Media and Appearances

The Cosmic Keys Podcast interview with Crypto Damus

Using Astrology in the Crypto Marketplace with Crypto Damus

Crypto Damus speaks on the application of astrology to decision making in the cryptocurrency marketplace. This is a fascinating chat where we cover how astrology can be applied to financial markets, how the birth chart of bitcoin is analyzed with financial cycles of crypto, how full and new moons correlate to the bitcoin cycles, plus much more!

Crypto Damus featured in NewsBTC

Interview: Crypto Damus On Successfully Combining Bitcoin TA With Financial Astrology

Read Tony Spilotro's July 2021 interview with Crypto Damus on successfully combining technical analysis and financial astrology for Bitcoin and featured in NewsBTC.

Crypto Damus featured in inews UK

The Rise of Cryptocurrency Astrology: Why Bitcoin Traders are Turning to the Stars

In May 2021 Crypto Damus was interviewed by Alys Key for and featured in the article on "The Rise of Cryptocurrency Astrology: Why Bitcoin Traders are Turning to the Stars."

Crypto Damus featured on The Astrology Podcast

The Astrology Podcast Episode 282: The Astrology of Bitcoin

In December 2020 Crypto Damus was the featured guest on Chris Brennan’s popular The Astrology Podcast, one of the most listened to and respected Astrology Podcasts on the web!

The Astrology of Bitcoin,The Mountain Astrologer

Crypto Damus wrote a feature article on the Astrology of Bitcoin, featured in the 2019 Fall Issue of the world's most-respected, longest running professional astrology journal.

The Astrology of Bitcoin, as published in The Mountain Astrologer, Fall 2019

The Mountain Astrologer

Presenter at ISAR 2022

Crypto Damus will be presenting on The Astrology of Bitcoin at the International Society for Astrological Research conference. Registration infomration coming soon.