Astrology Workshops and Courses

Introduction To Financial Astrology For Crypto Traders & Investors Video Workshop


  • 3.5 hour video workshop recording
  • 2 PDF Study Guides
  • The workshop covers basic meanings for planets, signs, houses and aspects in the context of financial astrology, and looks at example charts of BTC, ETH and LINK. This class will help you better understand my Astro TA system, the content in my reports and Patreon.

Predicting The Future: Using Transits and Progressions In Financial Astrology - Video Workshop


  • 3.5 hour video workshop
  • PDF Study Guide
  • Using transits and progressions can in some cases help us predict overall trends in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum and are a helpful addition to technical analysis. This 3.5 hour workshop will look at past, present and future transits and progressions in the Bitcoin and Ethereum natal charts to give us a road map of the where we have come from and where we are going. *Some Basic chart natal astrology required to take this class.

Introduction to Astrology Course Series for Beginners


  • Our Full Introduction to Astrology Course Series
  • Includes 5 PDFs and 3, 90-minute Tutorial Videos
  • This full course package includes explanations and explorations of the archetypal themes of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects and a detailed Introduction to Chart Interpretation. It’s perfect for beginners and some intermediate level astrologers who want to improve and deepen their skills.

Introduction To Natal Chart Analysis Video Workshop


  • This 3.5hr video workshop is an introduction to how to read and approach natal chart interpretation and analysis, with some financial astrology application.
  • *Basic understanding of Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects is a prerequisite for this class.

Crypto Damus Patreon

Crypto Damus gives a weekly Bitcoin forecast and trading plan, offers livestream Videos and includes his full subscription reports on his Patreon site at the $25 and $150 levels.

About Crypto Damus

Crypto Damus has been practicing astrology for over 20 years. He began studying astrology with Laura and Maggie Nalbandian in the early 2000’s. His influences include Steven Forrest, Rob Hand, James Braha and Howard Sasportas. He is widely considered one of the leading financial astrologers for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets and is also well known for his work in medical astrology. Originally from New York City, he has owned and operated an acupuncture clinic in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years and is an avid hiker and snowshoer.

He has been a featured speaker at NORWAC and will present on the astrology of Bitcoin at ISAR 2022. His article The Astrology Of Bitcoin was published in the The Mountain Astrologer in the Fall 2019 issue. He has also published two articles on Medical Astrology in The Mountain Astrologer. He was featured on The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan in December 2020, and on the Modern Magic Podcast with Maren Altman in January 2021. In 2018 he began a subscription forecast newsletter for Bitcoin Astro TA, and a Patreon group in February of 2020.

Follow him on Twitter @AstroCryptoGuru