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Overview of Our Unique Astro TA Trading System for Bitcoin

astrological and technical analysis combination for bitcoin market trends

Integrating the Art of Financial Astrology with Technical Analysis for Cryptocurrency Markets

Greetings and welcome!

I wanted to give an overview of the unique Astro TA system that I have been working on for the past 4 years. Whether you are a long-term follower or just arrived I hope you will find this overview interesting!

This system is a hybrid that merges two highly technical skill sets. Astro TA uses traditional technical analysis of financial markets techniques (TA) such as momentum indicators like Relative Strength Index (RSI), Moving Average Crossover Divergence (MACD) and Stochastic indicator, which gauge the overall trend and momentum of the market, but are lagging indicators. We also occasionally use trend following indicators like moving averages and Bollinger Bands which help to identify trend and important price levels. These are very basic TA tools, but the unique element is the addition of traditional astrological techniques as another technical indicator. This is our secret sauce and has given us a slight edge on the market over time.

The foundation of the Astro TA system is the BTC inception chart based on the genesis block time stamp. Transits, or how the planets moving in real time are interacting with the fixed positions in BTC birth chart, provide us with BTC-specific info. By studying these transits and combining that information with the general astrological aspect picture of ingresses as well as retrogrades and direct pivot points, we can then formulate an astrological forecast. Finding confluence between TA indicators, BTC-specific astrological influences, and general astrology factors, we then form the market forecast picture. While I am an expert in astrology with over 20 years of study and practice, I am relatively new to technical analysis. Although I have 10 years’ experience trading markets, as I brought financial astrology to crypto markets I realized quickly that I also had to learn formal technical analysis and I have been studying this field for the last 3 years, but admittedly am still a novice. There are MANY other technical indicators that we don’t use, such as DeMark, TD Countdown and Ichimuku. Some of you maybe more advanced than I am in TA, and we welcome your input if you see something I do not.

The foundation of the forecast system is our monthly forecast report and mid-month update, this helps us formulate an overall view of the BTC monthly and quarterly trends and is available at the $15 and $25 level. Then we also do weekly updates with a weekly trading guide at the $10 level.

There are a few points I would like to make. We’ve been highly accurate over the past two years, especially the past four months, but we will occasionally get calls wrong. This is inevitable and no system is right on every call and The future is always uncertain. Sometimes we will have clear signals that play out like clockwork, other times we will have an occasional false signal and still other times we may not have a clear enough picture to make a forecast at all, and we have to take a wait and see approach. This happened in June 2020. I am always learning and looking to improve, Astro TA is an evolving system.

It’s important to understand that the goal of the Astro TA system is not to be right all the time, but to give us that extra bit of information other traders don’t have, and to get us in the ballpark with clear guidance on timing our trades. Our goal is to be consistently right on a majority of our calls over the long term, and with proper risk management to take big winners but keep the losers small. In fact, if you keep your losers small, but correctly hit a few winners, you can actually make good profits on a relatively small win rate. Of course, a higher win rate is also good. But remember your goal above all is not to LOSE Money. This is the key to a successful trading system! Unlike other trading systems, we trade time and not price. We will have buy and sell targets that give date ranges for averaging in and averaging out of positions. This is to help avoid being on the wrong side of major changes in trend and identify buy opportunities as well as sell targets that don’t leave too many gains on the table. Within the astro based date ranges we will need TA to help identify price level targets. Even the most experienced pro traders cannot reliably buy every bottom and sell every top, but we want to get you in the ballpark to have a shot at it.

The Astro Crypto Report fuses astrological insights from the Bitcoin natal chart with financial technical analysis to provide 
	highly accurate price predictions for Bitcoin and other alt coin cryptocurrency markets

If you have just found us we ask that you take your time and study our approach, and give us time for our to calls to play out over a period of several months. If we miss a few calls, please cut us some slack, no one is perfect. Our system does not spoon feed exact entries and exits, it’s not meant to be blindly followed either. It is meant as a helpful addition to your own trading style and system to improve timing. Shorter term calls have a lower accuracy rate, but our longer term buy and sell targets typically do play out well.

Throughout 2021 we’ve been adding more alt-coin analysis. We have included a featured alt-coin of the month in every forecast report on substack and patreon at the ($25 level). Some of our best recommendations have been LINK in 2020, and CRV and Solana in 2021.

Thanks for supporting the Astro TA project, I hope you find it a useful addition to your own trading system.


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About Crypto Damus

Crypto Damus, aka Robert Weinstein, has been practicing astrology for over 20 years. He began studying astrology with Laura and Maggie Nalbandian in the early 2000’s. His influences include Steven Forrest, Rob Hand, James Braha and Howard Sasportas. He is widely considered one of the leading financial astrologers for Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency markets and is also well known for his work in medical astrology. Originally from New York City, he has owned and operated an acupuncture clinic in the Pacific Northwest for almost 20 years and is an avid hiker and snowshoer.

He has been a featured speaker at NORWAC and lectured on the astrology of Bitcoin at ISAR 2022. His article The Astrology Of Bitcoin was published in the The Mountain Astrologer in the Fall 2019 issue. He has also published two articles on Medical Astrology in The Mountain Astrologer. He was featured on The Astrology Podcast with Chris Brennan in December 2020, and again for the April 2023 monthly forecast, and on the Modern Magic Podcast with Maren Altman in January 2021.

In 2018 he began a subscription forecast newsletter for Bitcoin Astro TA, and a Patreon group in February of 2020.

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